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Best Newcastle Removals Price

Search for a Removals in Newcastle Quote?

Newcastle Man and Van is currently undergoing a change in management and is looking to expand it's range of offerings.  It is a great idea to get an affordable and authentic moving company in Newcastle to get your moving house just right.

Now we are able to offer full service removals, with three staff and a larger vehicle.

It is a privilege to be able to offer our services to you and make your move safe, effortless and reliable.  For further details please contact us for Newcastle man and van removals.


Moving Removals Survival Tips

Piano Removals by two likely lads
Sorry, we don't do PIANO REMOVALS but we do pretty much anything else - so long as its small, + simple and across town...
IT has been said that moving house is one of the most traumatic things in life after a death in the family and a divorce. At Newcastle Man and Van, we know that making short trips across town an betting a hassle free result is what counts.  Your can rely on Newcastle Removals for a good result when you have a smaller job that needs that personal care.

Moving house with twins, however, is right up there with those two. Actually, I’m starting to think it could directly lead to either one or both of them.

The idea was that we would move during my week off work. But first I just had to do a couple of days’ worth of decorating at the new house.  Getting the new house in order i simple when you have an experienced and capable removals expert like Newcastle man and Van.

Newcastle Man and Van Removals

The trouble with decorating, of course, is that it is, by its very nature, self-perpetuating.

You see, once you’ve painted one horrendous purple wall or yellowing skirting board pristine white, it tends to make every other wall and skirting board look even more shabby.

Pretty quickly the whole thing takes on ‘Painting the Forth Road Bridge’ style proportions.

“Have you nearly finished over there?” the Missus would ask as I returned each night covered in white paint marks from my day’s rollering and brushing.

“I reckon another day ought to do it,” was my stock reply for three days running.

The fact that all this decorating meant I was able to listen to uninterrupted live radio coverage of the Ryder Cup had nothing to do with it, your honour.

Newcastle Van Removals 2014

Finally the decorating was done and it was time to move in. First, though, we had to pack.

The idea, again, was that my mother-in-law would come over and keep the twins occupied while the Missus go on with it.

Except the twins wanted to stay with mummy, granny seemed desperate to help with the packing and mummy was very clear that she didn’t want her to.

All of which meant that when daddy got home he was welcomed with a tangible air of tension and a noticeable absence of anything that could remotely be described as being ‘packed’.

Instead we worked into the wee hours each night to sort, wrap and box everything, with me shuttling them across to the new house in the dead of night. When you are ready to move - choosing Newcastle Man and Van makes the right choice simple for you.

We also took it in turns to occupy the children, preferably as far away from the house as possible, while the other tried valiantly to cram stuff we didn’t even know we had in the dozen boxes we’d managed to acquire from the local Tesco.

We hired Dan, a man with a big van, like Newcastle Man and Van -  to help us shift as much of it as possible, but even now that we’ve finally moved in I’m still having to do a few more late-night shuttles once the kids are in bed. Our new  probably think I’m a drugs mule.

The hallway is filled with boxes, the twins keep threatening to bury themselves by prodding teetering piles of things we’ve yet to find a place for and nothing – absolutely nothing – is where we think it is.

And do you know what? It feels as though the nightmare has only just begun.


Man and Van Removals

Removals in Newcastle, NSW
Moving Out In Newcastle - Cheap One Man and Van Removalist help and quotes
removals in newcastle NSW
Moving Out and Getting a Quote for Man and Van

Removals, boxes and storage Newcastle
Packing Boxes and Storage for removals in Newcastle Suburbs NSW
Australia has one of the most residentially mobile populations of any country. This means we don't mind moving house. And Moving House isn't a problem when you consider the simple removals and removalists with Newcastle Man and Van.

Removalist in Newcastle NSW

Researchers refer to this as Net Internal Migration, or NIM. With so much attention focused on Sydney's hot property market and the rapid growth in the city's house prices recently, it is easy to see how regional migration starts, as people move from cities to regional areas.  Moving house when you have a few items is simple when you choose Newcastle Man and Van.

We are already seeing many families priced out of Sydney looking for more value for their money. This migration pattern has been creeping up into the Central Coast and Newcastle over the past few months.  In fact, Newcastle experienced the second largest influx of domestic migrants between 2010 and 2011.

Removals with Man and Van Newcastle

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in the 2010-11 period Newcastle was second only to Perth in receiving the highest amount of people moving from other capital cities.

Newcastle was also the sixth highest net gainer of domestic migration as a percentage of its population between 2006 and 2011.  With Newcastle experiencing some of Sydney's spillover, there seems to be a local problem emerging.

2 Blokes and a Ute Removals Newcastle

Some Novocastrians are now looking to do the same and eyeing off other areas within the Hunter Region in which to start their families. A quick search online for houses for sale around $400,000 in Newcastle throws up a few apartments and small, unrenovated two bedroom homes on very small lots.  In Sydney of course, the pickings are much slimmer.

Rachael Brecht from Jurds Real Estate in Cessnock says: "We have been getting more enquiry from Newcastle and the Central Coast buyers. We even see some Tree Changers coming from Sydney. They are looking for good quality renovated houses with large backyards and good schools and good sporting and shopping facilities.  We have all this and more in Cessnock with the beautiful Hunter Valley vineyards and their world famous cafes and restaurants at our doorstep, we really do have lots to offer."

Man and Van Removals for Moving House Newcastle

She's currently marketing a three bedroom house on 800 square metres of land, with a price guide of $399,000.
With the Hunter Expressway now offering quicker access, you can be in the Newcastle CBD within 50 minutes. Cessnock is a two hour drive from Sydney. There are good local employment opportunities, as in this city which has a population of over 54,000, there is a strong, diverse economy.  The health, tourism, retail, manufacturing (wine) and training and education industries are the highest employers in the area.

Cheap Quotes for Moving out in Newcastle

For buyers from Sydney or Newcastle a three bedroom house on 800sqm of land for $400,000 is very good value. When you combine the low interest rates we are experi


Moving House - Newcastle Removals

Need Help Moving House in Newcastle?

Moving house can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. A major cause of stress is the safe relocation of your household items from your old property to your new location. So how do you make sure your worldly possessions stay safe during the big move?

If you’re using a moving company, shop around and ask for quotes, and before you sign any contracts make sure you’re happy with their terms.

Before you sign up, ask to see the contract up front
A lot of moving companies use online booking forms, and you may only get to read the terms and conditions when you’re just about to submit the form.

It’s a good idea to study their terms before you get to this stage. Make sure you understand who’s liable if things go missing or something gets broken. You may want to negotiate different terms, or use a different carrier.

As with any contract, pay attention to the exclusions. Some moving companies do not cover items like passports, watches, and jewellery. You may want to move valuables yourself.

READ MORE > http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/BU1408/S01027/making-the-right-move.htm

Newcastle Man and Van Removals

You may forget your toothbrush next time you go away but you can't leave your microbes behind. Millions of bacteria hitch a ride with you, making themselves comfortable wherever you go. Within only a few hours, they will have colonised a hotel room; give them 24 hours and they can take over an entire house.

These are just some of the results from the Home Microbiome Study, the first attempt to trace the path of microbes from our bodies to our built surroundings, and vice versa. "We know that some microbes can increase our weight, we know that some can influence our neurological development, we want to know where those bacteria come from," says Jack Gilbert from the University of Chicago, who leads the work.

The cells of our bodies are outnumbered 10 to 1 by the microbial cells that call our bodies home. Every time we breathe, sneeze or cough we leave traces of these microbial hangers-on. Others are left behind as we shed skin cells or touch surfaces. Given how much time we spend there, most of this microbial shedding is done at home. Despite this, we know surprisingly little about the interaction between our bodily microbes and those in our houses.

READ MORE > http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn26119-moving-home-your-microbes-will-make-the-trip-too.html#.VAGvZGO27qk