One Man Removals in Newcastle

Making the right move with a small independent removalist across town can be an expensive exercise if you don't choose the team behind Newcastle Man and Van.

We prefer small jobs where you can get in and lend a hand getting the goods out of your house and onto the van - that's how we save on labour costs and this means savings for you.

Next time you have a removals job, try Newcastle Man and Van for office moving, relocations, buying a fridge off ebay and moving general furniture.


Making Removals Easy

Making Removals Easy

Moving furniture, clothes and digital hardware can be simplified if you follow these simple tips.  Making your move efficient, well-organised and in your timeframe is what you should expect from an experienced removalist in Newcastle.

1 Use Plenty of Packaging.
Careful and well thought out packaging makes a significant difference on moving day.  If it fits in a box, put it in one.  Keeping things in a box encourages putting like with like - which is convenient when you are unpacking at your destination. 

An adaptive, free void filler is shredded paper in plastic shopping bags.  Wedge these between any hard surfaces that may come into contact.  When you box doesn't rattle when shaken, you have packed it densely enough to support boxes being packed on top of each other.  This means you can fill the Newcastle Man and Van space most efficiently.

2 Prepare the Workflow
Take advantage of moving your boxes to a convenient packing point, so there less time is spent carrying boxes across your premises.  Remember, what you want from your removalist is pick up, transport and unload at destination.

3 Use a Local
Local service around Newcastle for a removal service is important.  Locals take the most direct route and can offer advice on the best times to move to avoid traffic congestion.

Making Removals Easy is often overlooked as during the move you are distracted by leases and estate agents.  Being prepared and armed with these simple tips for removals makes your involvment effortless for your best move.


Timing Starts At Your Place

At Newcastle Man and Van, the clock starts at your place - so you get FREE travel time when we are getting to your place.  This is unique to our service - most competitors start the clock when they leave their depot - BUT NOT US!

Get a great cheap removal using Newcastle Man and Van with reasonable rates and sprightly prompt service.  Call 0429 580 098.


Help Moving Out

Help Moving Out

We work with you as an assistant buyer - we help you get the best value removal in Newcastle

We're looking out for your best interests when we make a cheap quote.

You can rely on Newcastle Man and Van.



Removals Newcastle

Getting a short removal in Newcastle is simple with Newcastle Man and Van.

Once you let me know by submitting your job details at Newcastle Man and Van we can work out a cheap quote and have your furniture moved promptly with a minimum of hassle for you.


50 dollar removals

Removals Cheap Newcastle 2300
Yes, it's true - YOU can find a one trip removal in Newcastle for 50 bucks.

If you have a simple removal across town, I can do it for 50 dollars.

Just keep my time to under 30 mins and its 50 dollars.

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What a simple, reliable way to move, fully insured.


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